Hungarian Elma Party 2001 Budapest

There was the 2nd party at my home on 12/Aug/2001. It was 10 hours long.
There was two computers and 10 elmaplayers.

From left to right:
Up: CovBoy, Trabi, Zsófi, Zenith, Szasza
Down: CSabi, MUe, TomCat, Szasza
(MGen shot the photo)

The party started with watching Elma Crime video 2 times, cause some guy hadn't seen it.
And of course there was replay watching too.

CovBoy shows CSabi and Trabi some stolen WR rec.

The most popular type of Elma competition on these parties is the following:
Everybody has to complete the first 8 levels from Warm Up through the Tag. The winner is the fastest, we measure the time by quartz clock.
The cool thing in this is that other players are watching the playing kuski, and wishing him failed! :)

Zenith suxx on Long Haul...

...and that's what MUe likes :)

Believe or not it is not that easy to complete the levs without die, also the winner died at least once on some lev.

2001 Hungarian Elma Party Competition

It was the main competition which consisted of two parts: one practical and one theoretical contest.
The main prize was this poster:

The RB-dedicated A3-sized Pexi-made come-from-Finland Elasto Mania poster. :)


It was a simple battle, we made it on the spot, and we had 10 mins to höyle.
The winners got 30, 28, 26, etc points.
Here is the lev: pppzs.lev
and the recs: (not all)


II/1. Qualifying questions

Everybody sat down, took pen and paper and had to answer five questions:
1. How big is elma.exe in bytes?
2. How much percentage is the moposite ready now?
3. How many ppl visited the Hungarian Elma Site according to the counter?
4. Which is the three best visited Elma related channel?
5. How much levels can we play in the registered Elma if we don't download or edit any other level?

The three best kuski was qualified to the second round of the the Theoretical contest.

II/2. Queeze game

The three winners Zolee/KSL CovBoy/GET and CSabi/TEA sat next to each other. They put their finger on a certain key of the keyboard.
WinWord was started, 70 points font set.
I asked a question and the kuskis had to push their chosen key. I could see the order on the monitor, who was the first/second/third exactly.

Warming Up

Zolee/KSL CovBoy/GET and CSabi/TEA

Big excitement for the big prize

The first one had to answer, and if he was right, got 1 point, if wrong got -1. You know this queeze game, don't you? :)
After the answers I played winner or looser ringtones with my mobilephone ("That's it" and "Playground" of Nokia3210).

CSabi got the right to answer: "The mopo creators' full names are: Lassie Heikkinen and Pekka Nihkola" -> hehe, minus one point!! :)

The questions:

1. I change my name to be pure. Who am I?
2. Take in to order the players accoring to the date of their WR: Bob, MGen, Dr.Across, Tibity
3. How old is RB?
4. What does the word "kuskit" mean?
5. What is Farsund city famous about?
6. Which colored groundtexture has the Headbanger?
7. Who joined to the team TEA last time?
8. Which song can you hear in the Elma Crime (EC) at first?
9. In the picture depicting the big tree (you know High detail), which side has the tree the hollow?
10. Who wrote the Nitro Patch?
11. I am working on the development of the site. Who am I?
12. Which level was taken out of the OLP subsequently?
13. Which Hungarian PC magazine put the Elma Shareware onto its CD supplement at first?
14. I drink the water from vodka bottle. Who am I?
15. Which scene has a naked girl in the EC?
16. Who got the title of the "Most optimistic player" in the Hungarian Cup?
17. Which is the most popular computer game in Finland beside Elma?
18. What time is the current WR on the 4th level?
19. Which elmaplayer has the smelliest pet?
20. You can hear a name of a computer game beside Elma in the Haazelmaban.avi. What is that?
21. Which scene has a white circle in the up-right corner in the EC?
22. Which program language was Elma written in?
23. Which key can you make a screenshot with? (by default of course)
24. Which server had the Official Across Site?
25. What is the time in the last time of the stats.txt?
30. Who is Csaba Magyari?
31. According to a rumour who died in a car accident?
32. Which direction does the killer spin?
33. Who make the moposite?
34. What is their full name? :)
35. Who is at the first place in the first division of the League?
36. Who made the logo of the WR stealers?
37. What is very brutal?


After I had added the points (practical and theoretical) it was clear the winner was CovBoy because of his amazing theoretical Elma knowledge.

"This bastard now takes my poster away"
(before you think I am stupid I tell you I have reserves :))

After the competition we played other battles and played multi and Flag Tags until night.

MUe's Elma after the party

That was the 2nd Hungarian Elma Party. I think it was rulingcool big enjoying enternaining spectacular thing!
Just would have been better a bigger place to invite more players. No problem, next summer... International Elma Meeting. :)